About Us


REACT Music Publishing is run by James Horrocks & Gary Gray. Our aim is to source & inspire and develop artists, writers & producers.

We are looking for  creative individuals/groups who can  produce their own material to a professional standard & who are confident  & focused enough to compete in today’s progressive & evolving music industry.

If you  meet these requirements,  we would be interested in hearing from you. React Music Publishing (RMP) represents artists and performers who write their own material & songwriters who can compose songs for other artists. We are also interested in talented solo vocal performers who could work with our songwriters.

We  provide a quality & diverse  range of written material ready to accompany  artist development.

The publishing company was founded in 1999 & proceeded  forward as the successor to the React Music record label, which had  successfully monopolised &  dominated the worldwide  dance music scene between 1990 & 2004.

RMP was  set up to handle the publishing copyrights of the  react record label:   subsequently RMP,   ventured  further into the electronic music market  & went on to sign established &  respected artists- including Pete Gooding, Sharkey, Lisa Abbott & the phenomenally successful K-Klass.

In 2010, React  founder and music industry veteran, James Horrocks, teamed-up with  Gary  Gray, whose resourceful, creative & artistic abilities have helped re-launch the company.

React is now actively recruiting & signing new artists, who we can nurture and develop as brands to pursue a career in the music business.

Gary Gray in Rockefeller Plaza, New York

Gary Gray in Rockefeller Plaza, New York

James Horrocks in Ibiza