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Amani AMI is a singer-songwriter, whose own mix of acoustic, eclectic & electronic styles complement her colourful voice, eccentric poetic talent & vibrant appearance.

A performing arts student with 3 distinctions, Amani has been an accomplished singer & pianist since the age of 8, as well as a trained dancer (from ballet to hip hop).  One of Amani’s unique musical abilities is to capture & reflect a multitude of influences in her material including those of her idols, Bjork, Billie Holiday, Kate Bush & Portishead, thus enabling her to develop her own genre, which will undoubtedly contribute to the success of this project. As conductor of her own band, she has exceeded all expectations and is ready to unleash an array of unique and nostalgic material aimed at the discerning music lover.

Amani has been working with producer Skillaz on ‘Feel The Rush’, ‘Perception’ and other new material. Amani is also working on producing new material with her fellow band member, Hano, to create a whole new perspective in pop music.

Videos for ‘Feel The Rush’ and ‘Up Down’ have now been completed by Urban Flash with videos for ‘Perception’ and ‘Love Vs Science’ in the final stages of production.

A photo session with the esteemed, top international fashion, music and celebrity photographer, Simon Harris, with styling by Gary Gray, React’s Creative Director, has recently been completed.

Feel The Rush


Up Down




Shine On Me