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Amani AMI is a singer-songwriter, whose own mix of acoustic, eclectic & electronic styles complement her colourful voice & eccentric poetic talent.

A performing arts student with 3 distinctions, Amani has been an accomplished singer & pianist since the age of 8, as well as a trained dancer (from ballet to hip hop). One of Amani’s unique musical abilities is to capture & reflect a multitude of influences in her material including those of her idols, Bjork, Billie Holiday, Kate Bush & Portishead, thus enabling her to develop her own genre, which will undoubtedly contribute to the success of this project.

The live sound is a cyborg blend of electronic drums and synths mixed with acoustic instruments ranging from the guitar & bass to the trumpet, with a liberal spicing of more exotic sound elements such as melodica, jaw harp and singing robots.

Band members are the Hungario Slovakian father son duo of At(t)ilas. Atila is the father and commands to the synths of the steppes, a seasoned pro musician with true gypsy sound. Attila, the son is responsible for barbaric bass and !a graduate of London’s Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, where the rest of the band also studied!. Sam is the man who plays drums with an electronic sound that is more precise than a robot. Arthur carries round a bag of musical artifacts that you breathe into, strum, or hit to add musical bits of airwave surfing. The band members play together in a variety of other bands from gypsy jazz to hip hop, having already played ensuring a chemistry that is the perfect catalyst to sublime Amani’s vocals.

Amani is currently working on new productions incorporating the band, as well as working with well know music producers such as the Pete Brazier & Paul Carter (Beatmasters), Director of ITV Music Matt Mayers, as well as preparing vocals for the Shanghai fashion week in China this year.


Shine On Me


Wanna Scream

Hush Lil Baby

Love Stuck