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Dr Kisch

Emerging singer-songwiter Dr Kisch (David Kisch) is quickly turning music industry heads with his unique brand of electro-pop. Citing “the great songwriters, the artists who will always be remembered” such as his personal favourites Michael Jackson, Prince and Stevie Wonder as major influences, he plans to emulate the infectious grooves of their groundbreaking songs whilst bringing a modernised sonic flavour with the intention of ensuring that ground is once again broken in the modern era.

Having been classically trained through to his late teens and shown great promise as an accomplished ‘cellist, David decided to transfer his musical talents to his true love, the art of songwriting. He has since spent his time building a hugely impressive and diverse catalogue of songs whilst showcasing his unique and distinctive voice at live music events around London. He spent four years as the songwriter and frontman of indie-pop rock band Revelin Sky, working with the likes of Ian Davenport (Radiohead, Supergrass, Band of Skulls) and Jay Reynolds (Just Jack, Pixie Lott), winning a battle of the bands competition held by Proud Camden, and becoming the only band to ever be invited to play in Harrods in the process.

His musical journey has since taken him into the world of electronic pop music, collaborating with the likes of number one artist Rui Da Silva, Pete Gooding and Jaz Ellington of “The Voice” and he is now set to fulfil his ambitions and step into the limelight as a solo artist.

His forthcoming self-produced debut release “The City” is a fusion of modern electronic beats, warm instrumentals and understated but emotive vocals. Sonically it draws influence from current electronic talent such as Calvin Harris, Roosevelt and Chris Malinchak. It was written whilst on a visit to Vienna, Austria, and the song’s lyrics share the experience of an intimate moment whilst overlooking the spectacular night time city scene. A spring 2013 release is in the works.