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Lisa Abbott

Lisa Abbott’s vocal talents are such that she is regarded as one of the most in-demand performers working across all genres of music and spoken voice, as well as television and broadcasting.

Early in her career, she was heavily involved with the Stock and Aitken production house as a session singer and has go on to provide expertise and support for numerous artists signed to major labels like Warner, BMG, Sony and Universal. Lisa continues to compose, produce and provide vocals for a host of international labels across different genres. Perhaps most notably she has become a leading player in the hardcore and hard dance scene, providing lead vocals on a great many tracks with releases through labels like Nukleuz, Ministry of Sound and All Around The World.

Lisa has also worked extensively in television, providing lead vocals for title music to shows like Hotel Babylon, Bodies and Coast, as well as endless other jingles, title themes and soundtracks. Furthermore, her talents with spoken voice, singing, narration and compositions have all been put to the test in providing top educational materials and children’s broadcasts for clients such as Early Learning Centre, Tomy and Nickelodeon.